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A Dionysian paradise of murder, corruption and a thirst for power

From Bruges with Love

Pieter Aspe

An unidentified body is found in the garden of renovated farm De Love. With the help of his wife, Deputy Public Prosecutor Hannelore Martens, and Sergeant Guido Versavel, Inspector Pieter Van In delves into the farm’s murky past as a luxury brothel for senior officials. One of its regulars was the power-hungry Lodewijk Vandaele. The case escalates when one of Vandaele’s assistants disappears and a lawyer who used to frequent De Love is murdered. Van In also discovers that De Love has close ties with an extreme-right group, which happens to enjoy the protection of Johan Brys, the Interior Minister.

A writer of international calibre
De Morgen

‘From Bruges with Love’ is the third instalment in the popular thriller series around Inspector Van In. By touching on issues such as paedophilia, corruption and blackmail, the narrative provides a critique of the cover-ups that have rocked Belgian politics. Pieter Aspe has created psychologically complex characters and by interweaving the many exciting story lines he holds his readers’ attention throughout.

The quirky Van In chronicles have sold more than one million copies in Europe alone.
Publishers Weekly
Aspe’s characters are very complex, his plot excellent.
Vrij Nederland