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Inside the mind of a psychopath


Luc Deflo

The body of a woman, gruesomely murdered, is found in the Belgian city of Mechelen. The crime squad, led by investigating judge Jos Bosmans and top detective Dirk Deleu, give their all to solve the case. But without any leads or motives, they quickly become entangled in a game of cat and mouse with a murderous psychopath. Then, they arrest Benjamin Delaedt, the first victim’s stalker. But Deleu is overcome by doubt. Is a well-mannered family man really capable of such cold-blooded murders? When Delaedt is released early due to an administrative error, the Pitbull bares his teeth once more.

Deflo never disappoints.

‘Pitbull’ is a chilling psychological thriller with a strong streak of horror. With a keen eye for detail, Deflo sketches a razor-sharp portrait of a tormented psychopath’s obsessions. ‘Pitbull’ is a penetrating, haunting crime novel that exudes fathomless gloom. The captivating style and dark atmosphere will raise the pulse of any thriller fan. Not suitable for sensitive readers.

Deflo mercilessly, yet with a great deal of empathy, probes the psyche of a sinister criminal.
Jury Hercule Poirot Prize
The opening scene of ‘Pitbull’ is reminiscent of a Patricia Highsmith classic.
De Morgen