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The memory of a hitman

The Alzheimer Case

Jef Geeraerts

Antwerp, 1985. Within the space of three days, six people are murdered. It cannot be a coincidence that all the victims are prominent figures within the Belgian judiciary and world of politics. And even though some of the murders are announced, Chief of Police Vyncke and Inspector Verstuyft fail to capture the perpetrator or foil his plans. All the evidence leads to Angelo Ledda, a ruthless hitman who suffers from progressive memory loss. In his own horrific way, Ledda is waging a battle against corruption and the abuse of power.

An intelligent, tautly written police thriller that paints a kaleidoscopic picture of Belgian society
Gouden Strop Jury

‘The Alzheimer Case’ is a well-researched crime novel with carefully drawn characters. And this haunting political thriller goes beyond the traditional whodunit: Geeraerts combines memorable characters and a solid plot with a socio-cultural dimension that continues to resonate with the public thirty years after it was first published. So it comes as no surprise that this classic by ‘the Godfather of the Flemish thriller’ has been adapted for the big screen. To this day, ‘The Memory of a Killer’ remains one of the most watched Flemish films of all time.

A 'golden oldie' that has stood the test of time with flying colours
De Leeswolf
Watch the trailer for the film 'The Memory of a Killer', based on 'The Alzheimer Case'