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A human life has no price. An assassination does.

The Scorpion’s Head

Hilde Vandermeeren

After a weekend away with the family, 36 year old Gaelle wakes up in the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital in Berlin, Germany. She is wounded, but does not remember what happened. Her son Lukas is in a coma in another hospital. The police suspect her of attempting to murder her son. She manages to escape and is determined to uncover the truth.

This intriguing story by the Flemish crime writer Hilde Vandermeeren is a reminder that there is a whole continent of thrills to discover beyond Scandinavia.
The Times

Michael is a contract killer who works for Scorpio, an organization run by the ruthless Dolores Bartosz who trades in murder on demand. Scorpio spares no one; those who disobey the rules sign their own death warrant. When Michael reneges on his job to kill Gaelle and Lukas and sabotages its completion by a second hired killer, he himself becomes a target. His mission is to keep Gaelle and Lukas out of the claws of Scorpio and bring down the organisation – while Scorpio seeks its own revenge.

His journey takes him across Europe, to the catacombs in Paris and back to Germany. In the meantime, Gaelle has set up her own investigation to find the person who commissioned the double killing. Can they escape from the imminent danger and eradicate this ruthless organisation?

A small masterpiece packed with tension, menace and truly original characters. First-class writing.
The Daily Mail
One of our greatest talents in the genre
De Standaard