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Uncompromising dystopian debut


Roderik Six

For months now, an infernal rain has been lashing the earth. From the rooftop of a hall of residence, four students watch as the city is slowly inundated. They are the last remaining residents; the others have long since fled. Survival has become a full-time occupation. As the young people fight boredom with sex, alcohol and the new synthetic drug Ultra, the unrelenting water keeps rising.

When one of the students is fatally injured during a storm, their relationships come under pressure: was it a tragic accident or something else? Desperately, the four cling to that one sign of life: a tiny rent in the clouds, admitting a few measly rays of sunshine. Is it enough to turn the tide?

Disturbing images that haunt you
De Groene Amsterdammer

Debut novel ‘Flood’ offers an uncompromising reflection of the zeitgeist. Set against the backdrop of an ecological disaster, Roderik Six deploys his razor-sharp style to deliver a chilling story about the resilience of man and his ruthless urge to survive.

This is not just a great debut novel, it’s a great book in general
De Standaard
An intriguing story
NRC Handelsblad