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Just one tweet can ruin your life

Shadow Zone

Hilde Vandermeeren

Kate works as a nurse in a private clinic in London. She learns that she has narcolepsy, which means she might have sudden, unexpected sleep attacks and suffers from nightmares that she can’t distinguish from real life. To avoid losing her job, she keeps quiet about her condition.

Her relationship with her colleagues in the psychiatric clinic is thrown into turmoil when the director sets up a discrete VIP ward, with Kate being one of the lucky employees to receive a promotion. In the VIP ward, she meets Sienna, the nine-year-old daughter of a star footballer and his glamorous wife.

A glittering, psychologically-charged firework! *****

Kate’s life soon turns into a living hell when it turns out that a tweet with a photo of Sienna has been sent out into the world from her account. She loses her job and is hounded by the paparazzi. To make matters worse, there is someone else who’s got it in for her – someone who doesn’t want the truth to come out, and whose voice in this book constantly raises the tension.

With help from her neighbour, a dwarf who works in a nightclub, and a former pulp journalist, Kate tries to figure out who’s got a grudge against her.

‘Shadow Zone’ is a wonderfully-written, triumphant crime novel with strong characterisations, in which the various plot threads are brilliantly interwoven.

Suspenseful and tightly structured, in the best British tradition
De Volkskrant
Vandermeeren is unparalleled as an author.