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Sample translations in 2024

All year long, translators from Dutch can apply for a grant for a sample translation. With this grant, they buy time to translate an excerpt from a Flemish literary work, and to bring that work to the attention of publishers in their language area. Find out which fragments are being translated at this moment, and why translators have chosen them!

Sample translations

French translations

'Magnificent Monster' by Fleur Pierets

Vertaler Monster

Noëlle Michel translates an excerpt from 'Magnificent Monster' by Fleur Pierets into French.

“The need for voices of women and minorities is becoming increasingly necessary in France. There's a lot going on right now in terms of feminism, also in literature, and I think it's important to let new voices from the queer community be heard, especially if they provide an interesting view of our world as is the case in this book.”

You can already read an English and German excerpt from 'Magnificent Monster' on our website.

German translations

'Mauk' by Jan Vantoortelboom

Vertaler Mauk

Christina Siever translates an excerpt from 'Mauk' by Jan Vantoortelboom into German.

"The book is particularly relevant to an international readership because it deals with the universal topic of domestic violence. That theme, interwoven with escape into fantasy as a coping mechanism and the need to deal with the past, touches on deeply human experiences that transcend cultures."

You can already read an English excerpt from 'Mauk' on our website.

‘A Revolver Shot’ by Virginie Loveling

Vertaler revolverschot

Dania Schüürmann translates an excerpt from ‘A Revolver Shot’ by Virginie Loveling into German.

"It’s a complex story that’s more than a hundred years old, yet very interesting to look at from a contemporary feminist perspective. For my development as a translator, I find it particularly challenging to translate such an old text. Moreover, German publishers are currently interested in female classical authors."

You can already read an English excerpt from ‘A Revolver Shot’ on our website.

‘Minyan’ by Margot Vanderstraeten

Vertaler Minjan

Gerd Busse translates an excerpt from 'Minyan' by Margot Vanderstraeten into German.

"This is a special book, not only because it offers information about the closed world of the Orthodox Jewish community, which you will hardly find otherwise, but also, because it’s a brilliant 'Antwerp book': designated literature for anyone who is planning to visit Antwerp and wants to find out a little more about the city than what is in the travel guide. Moreover, it’s exceptionally well and lively written, a pleasure not only for the reader, but also for the translator."

You can already read an English excerpt from 'Minyan' on our website.

Spanish translations

‘The Best of Delphine Lecompte’ by Delphine Lecompte

Cover Best of Lecompte

Antonio Cruz Romero translates an excerpt from 'The Best of Delphine Lecompte' by Delphine Lecompte in Spanish.

"In my opinion, there is no poetry in the Spanish language (and more specifically in Spain) that can be compared to Delphine Lecompte's poetic style, and her rich and surreal universe is appealing to readers of poetry in Spanish. Lecompte's poetry is evocative, brutally addictive and utterly overwhelming."

You can already read an English excerpt from 'The Best of Delphine Lecompte' on our website.

Grants for sample translations

All the books above are promoted abroad. On our website, you can find a comprehensive list of all grants for sample translations (in Dutch).

All the information about grants for sample translations can be found on our Dutch website.

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Jun 24th, 2024