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Ward often drew animals, and they constitute one of the most recognisable visual motifs throughout his work. A good example is the publication 'I’m a Bat' (2), in which a selection of folk tales is populated by several species.

Ward’s first publications encompass a handful of zines (2)-(3)-(4)-(5) and a book (6), in which the human body was important. He portrayed random individuals, finding reference material on the internet (see: Internet). Later, the focus gradually shifted to the animal kingdom. For instance, important roles were assigned to the primate family (7)-(8), snakes and birds (9), fish (10) and cats (11). This fascination eventually culminated in a personification of the artist in animals (see: Haas & Gaai, Boris & Kitchenknife, Loloman). At the same time, themes such as youth culture and a latent interest in the urban environment began to win ground, like in 'The Breeze' (12). In recent years, Ward concentrated most of all on narrative work, resulting in works such as the graphic novel Wolven (23), in collaboration with scriptwriter Enzo Smits.

Animals. © WARD ZWART
Animals. © WARD ZWART

Besides the hare, the wolf may be the animal which readers most associate with Ward’s work. However, in contrast to the hare, the wolf rarely shows up in his drawings. In 2011, a short story (see: Treehouse) was released under the title 'Wolf'(79), which also appears in the anthology 'Mostly Cola' (82). As in 'Wolven', many animals feature here: the hare, fox, dove, etc.,  but not the wolf. More important than picturing the animal, is its roaming, mystical quality, as well as the imagery that the idea of ‘the wolf’ conjures. These characteristics can be found in many of the cast in Ward’s stories. They are shy figures who navigate their environment, away from the masses: searching, wandering, alone. The title 'Wolven' was never meant to be a reference to the physical animal, but rather to the aimless teens in the book.

On the book cover, the hashtag #fuckfakewolven can be read in small print, as a tribute to those seeking and roaming among us (see: Outsiders), and as a middle finger raised at those who simply swim with the current.

FUN FACT: Word goes around that during his childhood in the countryside, Ward tamed a jackdaw.

BONUS FUN FACT: In the summer of 2020, Ward took part in a Wolf Walk in Kasterlee, and made it into the regional newspapers. Other than a cardboard cut-out, he did not see a single wolf. #fuckfakewolven.

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