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A selection of recent translations

In 2017 no less than 55 translations of Flemish literature have been published in more than 20 languages (and the year isn't over yet). We have made a selection of 15 recently published titles that were supported by Flanders Literature with a translation grant (nonfiction and fiction for adults, children and youth), a grant for poetry or a grant for illustrated books (graphic novels and picture books). Enjoy!


Dimitri Verhulst - The Latecomer - Czech

Cover The Latecomer

Czech translation of De laatkomer (2013, Atlas Contact) by Veronika ter Harmsel Havlikova

Odeon, Prague, 2017

(Soon) also available in English (Portobello), French (Denoël) and German (Luchterhand / BTB)

Lize Spit - The Melting - Catalan

Cover The Melting

Catalan translation of Het smelt (2016, Das Mag) by Maria Rosich

Ara Llibres, Barcelona

(Soon) also available in German (Fischer), Spanish (Seix Barral), Czech (Host), Italian (E/O Edizioni), French (Actes Sud), Norwegian (Cappelen Damm), Danish (Rosinante), Polish (Marginesy), English (Picador) and Arabic (Madarek)

Michael Bijnens - Cinderella - German

Cover Cinderella

German translation of Cinderella (2015, Atlas Contact) by Heike Baryga

Atrium Verlag, Zurich


Mohamed El Bachiri & David Van Reybrouck - A Jihad for Love - German

Cover A Jihad for Love

German translation of Een jihad van liefde (2017, De Bezige Bij) by Waltraud Hüsmert

Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main

(Soon) also available in English (Head of Zeus), French (J.C. Lattès)

Lieve Joris - The Gates of Damascus - Turkish

Cover The Gates of Damascus

Turkish translation of 'De poorten van Damascus' (2012, Atlas Contact) by Baris Behramoglu

Tekin Publishing, Istanbul

Paul Verhaeghe - Says who? - English

Cover Says Who? English

English translation of Autoriteit (2015, De Bezige Bij) by David Shaw

Scribe Publications, London

(Soon) also available in German (Kunstmann), Korean (Sciencebooks), Slovak (Citadella)


Brecht Evens - Panther - Russian

Cover Panther Russian

Russian translation of Panter (2014, Oogachtend) by Katja Astakhova

Boomkniga Press, Saint Petersburg

(Soon) also available in English (Drawn and Quarterly), French (Actes Sud), German (Reprodukt), Italian (Bao Publishing), Norwegian (No Comprendo Press), Korean (Open Books), Polish (Timof) and Spanish (Astiberri)

Pieter Coudyzer - Outburst - English

Cover Outburst English

English translation of Woekeraar (2015, Xtra) by Peter Mennen

SelfMadeHero, London

Also available in French (Presque Lune)

Olivier Schrauwen - Arsène Schrauwen - Norwegian

Cover Arsène Schrauwen Norwegian

Norwegian translation of Arsène Schrauwen (2015, Bries) by Bodil Engen

No Comprendo Press, Oslo

Also available in English (Fantagraphics), French (L'association), German (Reprodukt) and Spanish (Fulgencio Pimentel)


Carll Cneut & Brigitte Minne - Witchfairy - English

Cover Witchfairy

English translation of Heksenfee (2016, De Eenhoorn) by Laura Watkinson

Book Island, Bristol

Also available in German (Bohem Press)

Jan De Leeuw - Fifteen Wild Summers - German

Cover Fifteen Wild Summers German

German translation of Vijftien wilde zomers (2012, Davidsfonds) by Rolf Erdorf

Gerstenberg Verlag, Hildesheim

Also available in Japanese (Iwanami Shoten)

Jef Aerts - Horse in Boots - Serbian

Cover Horse with Boots Serbian

Serbian translation of Paard met laarzen (2015, Querido) by Marija Rac

Kreativni, Belgrade

(Soon) also available in Hungarian (Mora)


Hadewijch - Songs - Hungarian

Cover Songs Hadewijch Hungarian

Hungarian translation of Liederen (2009, Historische Uitgeverij) by Anikó Daróczi and Zsuzsa Rakovszky

L’Harmattan Kft, Budapest

Maud Vanhauwaert - We Are Parallel - French

Cover We Are Parallel French

French translation of Wij zijn evenwijdig… (2014, Querido) by Pierre Geron

Tétras Lyre, Liège

Various authors - Belgium Bordelio II - French

Cover Belgium Bordelio II French

French translation by Jan H.Mysjkin and Pierre Gallissaires

L’Arbre à paroles, Amay

Oct 5th, 2017