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Lange Jos

Lange Jos (‘Tall Jos’) is a character who made his entrance in Ward’s zine 'Loloman' (62) (see: Loloman). He later formed the inspiration for Lange Jaakko (‘Tall Jaakko’) in Ik kom van ver, maar blijf niet lang (24). There were clear similarities between a still nameless figure in the graphic novel and the Tall Guy in the previously released zine, so he decided to include this individual in the narrative. In order to allow him to blend in among all the pseudo-Scandinavian names, ‘Jos’ was replaced by ‘Jaakko’.


This character stands for that one weirdo from your childhood you hope you will never see again.

As with Haas & Gaai, whom Ward came up with in collaboration with Ignace Cami (see: Haas & Gaai) and who had guest roles in Wolven (23), ‘de Lange Jos’ is one of the many people who exist in a kind of overarching crossover universe. Attentive readers and followers of Ward’s work will frequently encounter recurring characters (see: Cameo).

FUN FACT: All conversations between Lange Jaakko and Gus in 'Ik kom van ver, maar blijf niet lang' (24) are based on real-life interactions of Ward and/or Enzo.

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