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Newly translated literature from Flanders

Flanders Literature supports the literary sector at home and abroad.  Our translation grants are one of the strongest tools we can use to put our books on the world map. Whether they discovered a book during a book fair, or through one of our fellowships, international publishers can apply for our grants and help us bring our literature to new readers across the globe.

Publishers who receive grants send us physical copies of the publication. These get a place in our translation library and archive, but before they reach their place, all colleagues can see the realizations at our bi-weekly team meeting.

These are (some of) the books we received in our offices in June 2024: 

Children’s and youth literature:

  • Jan de Kinder, 'Elephant Upside Down', translated into French by Marie Hooghe-Stassen (Rageot Editeur).
  • Kristof Devos, Fox, Bird and Me, translated into German by Eva Schweikart (Mixtvision).
  • Peter Goes, Rivers, translated into Swedish by Ingrid Wikén Bonde (Modernista).
  • Peter Goes, Timeline, translated into Portuguese by Mariângela Nunes Guimarães (Martins Fontes). 
  • Bart Moeyart, The Goose and His Brother, translated into Croatian by Romana Perecinec (Ibis Grafika).
  • Elvis Peeters & Sebastiaan Van Doninck, My Rock, translated into Turkish by Lale Simsek Çaliskan (Teas Press / Hep Kitap).


  • Stefan Hertmans, The Ascent, translated into Polish by Alicja Oczko (ArtRage).
  • Hubert Lampo, The Coming of Joachim Stiller, translated into Albanian by Viola Adhami (Aleph Klub).
  • Paul van Ostaijen, Grotesques, translated into German by Anna Eble and Andreas Lampert (Edition HhHibana).
  • Dimitri Verhulst, 'Having and Being', translated into Czech by Veronika ter Harmsel Havlíková (Euromedia).


  • David Van Reybrouck, Revolusi, translated into Swedish by Joakim Sundström (Natur och Kultur).


  • Willem Bongers-Dek & Matthijs de Ridder (editors) & Infested City: '60 Current Perspectives on Paul van Ostaijen's Occupied City', translated into German by Anna Eble (Verlag Das Wunderhorn).
  • Felix Timmermans, 'Adagio', translated into Italian by Giorgio Faggin (Edizioni Joker).
  • Karel Van de Woestijne, 'Selected Poems', translated into Russian by Anastasiya Andreeva (Raduga).
  • Paul van Ostaijen, Occupied City, translated into Italian by Alessandro Zanini (Boing) and into German by Anna Eble (Verlag Das Wunderhorn).
Jun 30th, 2024