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Translators are excellent literary ambassadors, and the quality of their translations is the key to the success of a translated book. That's why Flanders Literature gives you access to a database of accredited literary translators, which we share with our colleagues at the Dutch Foundation for LiteratureIf you cannot find a particular translator here, please consult our team to learn whether the translator in question has been accredited. Not all accredited translators have agreed to a profile on this website. We are always happy to provide more information or tailored advice on the translators as well.

  • Adéla Elbel
  • Agnieszka Bienias
  • Photo Aino Roscher
    Aino Roscher
  • Alain Van Curgten
    Alain Van Crugten
  • Photo Alessandro Colizzi
    Alessandro Colizzi
  • Alexa Stoicescu
  • Alicja Oczko
  • Photo Amelia de Vaal
    Amelia de Vaal
  • Amina Abed
    Amina Abed
  • Photo of Anastasiya Andreeva
    Anastasiya Andreeva
  • Andrea Kluitmann
  • Photo Andrea Rádai
    Andrea Rádai
  • Photo Andreas Ecke
    Andreas Ecke
  • Photo Andreas Gressmann
    Andreas Gressmann
  • Aneta Dantcheva
  • Anita Bračun & Hans Verschoor
  • Photo of Anna Rosenqvist
    Anna Rosenqvist
  • Anna Asbury
    Anna Asbury
  • Photo Anna Carstens
    Anna Carstens
  • Photo Anna Patrucco Becchi
    Anna Patrucco Becchi
  • Photo Anne-Laure Vignaux
    Anne-Laure Vignaux
  • Photo Annette Eskenazi
    Annette Eskenazi
  • Photo Annette Wunschel
    Annette Wunschel
  • Photo Annika Johansson
    Annika Johansson
  • Photo Antero Helasvuo
    Antero Helasvuo
  • Ard Posthuma
  • Photo Arie Pos
    Arie Pos
  • Photo Arlette Ounanian
    Arlette Ounanian
  • Photo Arne Braun
    Arne Braun
  • Photo Astrid Alben
    Astrid Alben
  • Photo Auke Oosterhoff
    Auke Oosterhoff
  • Barbara Heller
  • Barbara Kalla
  • Bärbel Jänicke
  • Photo of Bettina Bach
    Bettina Bach
  • Bill Nagelkerke
  • Photo Birgit Erdmann
    Birgit Erdmann
  • Photo Birthe Lundsgaard
    Birthe Lundsgaard
  • Blanka Juranová
  • Photo Boriana Katzarska
    Boriana Katzarska
  • Photo Brent Annable
    Brent Annable
  • Photo Brigitte Zwerver-Berret
    Brigitte Zwerver-Berret
  • Photo Burcu Duman
    Burcu Duman
  • Photo Catalina Ginard Féron
    Catalina Ginard Féron
  • Photo of the translator
    Catherine Tron-Mulder
  • Photo Sadki Choumissa
    Choumissa Sadki
  • Photo Christian Golusda
    Christian Golusda
  • Photo Christiane Burkhardt
    Christiane Burkhardt
  • Christiane Kuby
  • Photo Christina Brunnenkamp
    Christina Brunnenkamp
  • Christine Bais
  • Photo of Cisca Corduwener
    Cisca Corduwener
  • Photo Claudia Di Palermo
    Claudia Di Palermo
  • Photo of Colleen Higgins
    Colleen Higgins
  • Dania Schüürmann photo
    Dania Schüürmann
  • Photo Daniel Cunin
    Daniel Cunin
  • Photo Hugo Daniel
    Daniel Hugo
  • Photo Danielle Losman
    Danielle Losman
  • Photo David Colmer
    David Colmer
  • Photo David Doherty
    David Doherty
  • Photo David McKay
    David McKay
  • David Santoro
  • Photo Diego Puls
    Diego Puls
  • Photo of Eileen Stevens
    Eileen Stevens
  • Photo Ekaterina Assoian
    Ekaterina Assoian
  • Photo Eli Doeze
    Eli Doeze
  • Photo Elvira Bittner
    Elvira Bittner
  • Emma Rault
    Emma Rault
  • Photo Emmanuèle Sandron
    Emmanuèle Sandron
  • Photo Emmanuelle Tardif
    Emmanuelle Tardif
  • Photo of Erhan Gürer
    Erhan Gürer
  • Photo of Esther Gouarné
    Esther Gouarné
  • Photo Etsuko Nozaka
    Etsuko Nozaka
  • Photo Eva Schweikart
    Eva Schweikart
  • Photo Eve-Marie Lund
    Eve-Marie Lund
  • Photo of Ewa Dynarowicz
    Ewa Dynarowicz
  • Photo of Fatena Al-Ghorra
    Fatena Al-Ghorra
  • Fernando Garcia de la Banda
    Fernando Garcia de la Banda
  • Photo Ferran Bach
    Ferran Bach
  • Photo Franca Fritz
    Franca Fritz
  • Photo Francine Melka
    Francine Melka
  • Photo Franco Paris
    Franco Paris
  • Photo Françoise Antoine
    Françoise Antoine
  • Photo Gerd Busse
    Gerd Busse
  • Photo Gioia-Ana Ulrich Knežević
    Gioia-Ana Ulrich Knežević
  • Photo Goedele De Sterck
    Goedele De Sterck
  • Photo Gonzalo Fernández Gómez
    Gonzalo Fernández Gómez
  • Photo Goran Sarić
    Goran Sarić
  • Goran Trkulja
    Goran Trkulja
  • Guillaume Deneufbourg
  • Photo Gül Özlen
    Gül Özlen
  • Photo Guy Rooryck
    Guy Rooryck
  • Photo of the translator
    Hannah Perron
  • Photo Hanni Ehlers
    Hanni Ehlers
  • Photo Hasan Türksel
    Hasan Türksel
  • Photo Hazim Kamaledin
    Hazim Kamaledin
  • Photo Hedda Vormeland
    Hedda Vormeland
  • Photo Hedwig von Bülow
    Hedwig von Bülow
  • Photo Heike Baryga
    Heike Baryga
  • Photo Heinrich Koop
    Heinrich Koop
  • Photo of Hennie van Coller
    Hennie van Coller
  • Photo Hester Velmans
    Hester Velmans
  • Photo IIja Braun
    IIja Braun
  • Photo Inese Paklone
    Inese Paklone
  • Inga Karlsberga
  • Photo Inge Luken
    Inge Luken
  • Photo Ingrid Ostermann
    Ingrid Ostermann
  • Photo Ingrid Wikén Bonde
    Ingrid Wikén Bonde
  • Photo Ira Wilhelm
    Ira Wilhelm
  • Photo Irina Leichenko
    Irina Leichenko
  • Photo Irina Anton
    Irina Anton
  • Irina Grivnina
  • Photo of the translator
    Irina Kappelhof-Costea
  • Irina Leek
  • Photo Irina Michajlova
    Irina Michajlova
  • Photo Irith Bouman
    Irith Bouman
  • Iryna Koval
  • Photo of Isabel Hessel
    Isabel Hessel
  • Photo Isabel Lorda
    Isabel Lorda
  • Photo Ivana Scepanovic
    Ivana Scepanovic
  • Photo Iwona Mączka
    Iwona Mączka
  • Photo Jaap Sie
    Jaap Sie
  • Photo Jadwiga Jędryas
    Jadwiga Jędryas
  • Photo Jana Červenková
    Jana Červenková
  • Photo Jane Hedley-Prole
    Jane Hedley-Prole
  • Photo of Janine Malz
    Janine Malz
  • Photo Jeannette K. Ringold
    Jeannette K. Ringold
  • Photo Jelica Novaković-Lopušina
    Jelica Novaković-Lopušina
  • Photo of the translator
    Johanna Hedenberg
  • Photo of the translator
    Johanna McCalmont
  • Photo Jonathan Reeder
    Jonathan Reeder
  • Photo Judit Gera
    Judit Gera
  • Photo Judith Wilkinson
    Judith Wilkinson
  • Picture of Julia Telezhko
    Julia Telezhko
  • Photo Julio Grande
    Julio Grande
  • Photo of the translator
    Kairi Look
  • Photo Katelijne De Vuyst
    Katelijne De Vuyst
  • Katjusa Rucigaj
  • Photo Kerti Tergem
    Kerti Tergem
  • Photo Kim Andringa
    Kim Andringa
  • Kristen Gehrman
    Kristen Gehrman
  • Photo Kristina Kreuzer
    Kristina Kreuzer
  • Photo Krisztina Noémi Törő
    Krisztina Noémi Törő
  • Laura Pignatti
  • Photo Laura Vroomen
    Laura Vroomen
  • Photo Laura Watkinson
    Laura Watkinson
  • Photo Laurent Bayer
    Laurent Bayer
  • Lenka Řehovà
  • Photo Leonor Raven
    Leonor Raven
  • Photo Libuše van Dijk-Lisová
    Libuše van Dijk-Lisová
  • Lisa Mensing
    Lisa Mensing
  • Photo Lise Bøgh-Sørensen
    Lise Bøgh-Sørensen
  • Lisette Keustermans
  • Photo Liz Waters
    Liz Waters
  • Lotte Hammond
  • Ludo Leroy
  • Photo Malgorzata Diederen Woźniak
    Malgorzata Diederen Woźniak
  • Photo Malou Van Wijk
    Malou Van Wijk
  • Photo Margarita Bonatsou
    Margarita Bonatsou
  • Photo Maria Andersson
    Maria Andersson
  • Maria Cristina Coldagelli
  • Photo Maria Encheva
    Maria Encheva
  • Photo Maria Rosich Andreu
    Maria Rosich Andreu
  • Marianne Holberg
  • Photo Marie Hooghe
    Marie Hooghe
  • Photo Mariona Vilalta
    Mariona Vilalta
  • Photo Marlene Müller-Haas
    Marlene Müller-Haas
  • Photo Marta Arguilé Bernal
    Marta Arguilé Bernal
  • Photo Mateja Seliškar Kenda
    Mateja Seliškar Kenda
  • Photo Meike Blatnik
    Meike Blatnik
  • Photo Micaela van Muylem
    Micaela van Muylem
  • Photo Michele Hutchison
    Michele Hutchison
  • Photo Micheline Goche
    Micheline Goche
  • Photo of Mike Sens
    Mike Sens
  • Miklós Fenyves
  • Mila Vojinović
  • Photo Mireille Cohendy
    Mireille Cohendy
  • Miriam Boolsen
    Miriam Boolsen
  • Moshe Gilula
  • Mustafa Özen
    Mustafa Özen
  • Photo of Myriam Bouzid
    Myriam Bouzid
  • Naja Møllmann-Ibsen
    Naja Møllmann-Ibsen
  • Photo Nancy Forest-Flier
    Nancy Forest-Flier
  • Photo of Natalia Karpenko
    Natalia Karpenko
  • Nevena Kukoljac
  • Nina Malinovski
  • Noëlle Michel
  • Photo of the translator
    Nurhayu Santoso
  • Oana Marin
  • Oksana Smerek
  • Photo of Olga Amagliani
    Olga Amagliani
  • Olga Grishina
  • Photo Olga Niziołek
    Olga Niziołek
  • Photo Olivera Petrović van der Leeuw
    Olivera Petrović van der Leeuw
  • Olov Hyllienmark © Anna Lindberg
    Olov Hyllienmark
  • Photo of the translator
    Orsolya Varga
  • Photo P.C. Evans
    P.C. Evans
  • Photo of Patricia Couto
    Patricia Couto
  • Photo Paul Vincent
    Paul Vincent
  • Pavla van Dam Marková
  • Paweł Kruszyński
  • Photo Per Holmer
    Per Holmer
  • Petra Schürová
  • Photo Philippe Noble
    Philippe Noble
  • R.D. Rijpkema
  • Rachèle Liberman
  • Photo of the translator
    Radka Smejkalova
  • Radovan Lučić
  • Photo Rainer Kersten
    Rainer Kersten
  • Photo Rob Naborn
    Rob Naborn
  • Photo Rolf Erdorf
    Rolf Erdorf
  • Photo Romana Perecinec
    Romana Perecinec
  • Photo Ronald Brouwer
    Ronald Brouwer
  • Photo Rosalind Buck
    Rosalind Buck
  • Ruben Chapp
  • Ruth Löbner
  • Photo Saki Nagayama
    Saki Nagayama
  • Photo of Samgis Zandi
    Samgis Zandi
  • Photo Sanna van Leeuwen
    Sanna van Leeuwen
  • Photo Scott Rollins
    Scott Rollins
  • Photo Sherry Macdonald
    Sherry Macdonald
  • Sonja Fiedler-Tresp
  • Stana Anželj
  • Photo Staša Pavlović
    Staša Pavlović
  • Stefan Wieczorek
  • Photo Stefanie Ochel
    Stefanie Ochel
  • Photo of Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson
  • Susan Ridder
  • Photo Susana Canhoto
    Susana Canhoto
  • Photo of the translator
    Susi Moeimam
  • Photo of Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
    Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
  • Thea Summerfield
  • Tibor Bérczes
  • Tony Langham & Plym Peters
    Tony Langham & Plym Peters
  • Photo of Tsveta Velinova
    Tsveta Velinova
  • Uwe Dethier
  • Photo Verena Kiefer
    Verena Kiefer
  • Photo Veronika ter Harmsel
    Veronika ter Harmsel
  • Photo Vivien D. Glass
    Vivien D. Glass
  • Photo Waltraud Hüsmert
    Waltraud Hüsmert
  • Photo Willem Groenewegen
    Willem Groenewegen
  • Photo Yannis Ioannidis
    Yannis Ioannidis
  • Photo of Yanti Mualim
    Yanti Mualim
  • Yumi Nishimura
  • Photo Yvonne Pétrequin
    Yvonne Pétrequin-Nolet
  • Photo Zandra Bezuidenhout (c) Engela Duvenage
    Zandra Bezuidenhout
  • Photo of Zoran Radicheski
    Zoran Radicheski