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Translators are excellent literary ambassadors, and the quality of their translations is the key to the success of a translated book. That's why Flanders Literature gives you access to a database of approved literary translators, which we share with our colleagues at the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The quality of these translators’ work has been positively assessed by specialists. If you can't find what you're looking for and if you would like to receive more information or tailored advice, please consult our team.

  • Adéla Elbel
  • Agnieszka Bienias
  • Photo Aino Roscher
    Aino Roscher
  • Alain Van Curgten
    Alain Van Crugten
  • Photo Alessandro Colizzi
    Alessandro Colizzi
  • Alexa Stoicescu
  • Alicja Oczko
  • Photo Amelia de Vaal
    Amelia de Vaal
  • Amina Abed
    Amina Abed
  • Andrea Kluitmann
  • Photo Andrea Rádai
    Andrea Rádai
  • Photo Andreas Ecke
    Andreas Ecke
  • Photo Andreas Gressmann
    Andreas Gressmann
  • Aneta Dantcheva
  • Anita Bračun & Hans Verschoor
  • Photo Anna Asbury
    Anna Asbury
  • Photo Anna Carstens
    Anna Carstens
  • Photo Annette Eskenazi
    Annette Eskenazi
  • Photo Annette Wunschel
    Annette Wunschel
  • Photo Annika Johansson
    Annika Johansson
  • Photo Antero Helasvuo
    Antero Helasvuo
  • Ard Posthuma
  • Photo Arie Pos
    Arie Pos
  • Photo Arlette Ounanian
    Arlette Ounanian
  • Photo Arne Braun
    Arne Braun
  • Photo Astrid Alben
    Astrid Alben
  • Photo Auke Oosterhoff
    Auke Oosterhoff
  • Barbara Heller
  • Bärbel Jänicke
  • Photo Bill Nagelkerke
    Bill Nagelkerke
  • Photo Birgit Erdmann
    Birgit Erdmann
  • Photo Birthe Lundsgaard
    Birthe Lundsgaard
  • Blanka Juranová
  • Photo Boriana Katzarska
    Boriana Katzarska
  • Photo Brent Annable
    Brent Annable
  • Photo Brigitte Zwerver-Berret
    Brigitte Zwerver-Berret
  • Photo Burcu Duman
    Burcu Duman
  • Photo Sadki Choumissa
    Choumissa Sadki
  • Photo Christian Golusda
    Christian Golusda
  • Photo Christiane Burkhardt
    Christiane Burkhardt
  • Christiane Kuby
  • Photo Christina Brunnenkamp
    Christina Brunnenkamp
  • Christine Bais
  • Photo Christine Barkhuizen-Le Roux
    Christine Barkhuizen-Le Roux
  • Photo Claudia Di Palermo
    Claudia Di Palermo
  • Photo Daniel Cunin
    Daniel Cunin
  • Photo Hugo Daniel
    Daniel Hugo
  • Photo Danielle Losman
    Danielle Losman
  • Photo David Colmer
    David Colmer
  • Photo David Doherty
    David Doherty
  • Photo David McKay
    David McKay
  • David Santoro
  • Photo Diego Puls
    Diego Puls
  • Photo Ekaterina Assoian
    Ekaterina Assoian
  • Photo Eli Doeze
    Eli Doeze
  • Elvira Bittner
  • Emma Rault
    Emma Rault
  • Photo Emmanuèle Sandron
    Emmanuèle Sandron
  • Photo Emmanuelle Tardif
    Emmanuelle Tardif
  • Photo Etsuko Nozaka
    Etsuko Nozaka
  • Photo Eva Schweikart
    Eva Schweikart
  • Photo Eve-Marie Lund
    Eve-Marie Lund
  • Fernando Garcia de la Banda
    Fernando Garcia de la Banda
  • Photo Ferran Bach
    Ferran Bach
  • Photo Franca Fritz
    Franca Fritz
  • Photo Francine Melka
    Francine Melka
  • Photo Franco Paris
    Franco Paris
  • Photo Françoise Antoine
    Françoise Antoine
  • Photo Gerd Busse
    Gerd Busse
  • Photo Gioia-Ana Ulrich Knežević
    Gioia-Ana Ulrich Knežević
  • Photo Goedele De Sterck
    Goedele De Sterck
  • Photo Gonzalo Férnandez Gómez
    Gonzalo Férnandez Gómez
  • Photo Goran Sarić
    Goran Sarić
  • Guillaume Deneufbourg
  • Photo Gül Özlen
    Gül Özlen
  • Photo Guy Rooryck
    Guy Rooryck
  • Photo Hanni Ehlers
    Hanni Ehlers
  • Photo Hazim Kamaledin
    Hazim Kamaledin
  • Photo Hedda Vormeland
    Hedda Vormeland
  • Photo Hedwig von Bülow
    Hedwig von Bülow
  • Photo Heike Baryga
    Heike Baryga
  • Photo Heinrich Koop
    Heinrich Koop
  • Photo Hester Velmans
    Hester Velmans
  • Photo IIja Braun
    IIja Braun
  • Photo Inese Paklone
    Inese Paklone
  • Photo Inge Luken
    Inge Luken
  • Photo Ingrid Ostermann
    Ingrid Ostermann
  • Photo Ingrid Wikén Bonde
    Ingrid Wikén Bonde
  • Photo Ira Wilhelm
    Ira Wilhelm
  • Photo Irina Leichenko
    Irina Leichenko
  • Photo Irina Anton
    Irina Anton
  • Irina Grivnina
  • Irina Leek
  • Photo Irina Michajlova
    Irina Michajlova
  • Photo Irith Bouman
    Irith Bouman
  • Photo © Tom Naeyert
    Isabel Hessel
  • Photo Isabel Lorda
    Isabel Lorda
  • Photo Ivana Scepanovic
    Ivana Scepanovic
  • Photo Iwona Mączka
    Iwona Mączka
  • Photo Jaap Sie
    Jaap Sie
  • Photo Jadwiga Jędryas
    Jadwiga Jędryas
  • Photo Jana Červenková
    Jana Červenková
  • Photo Jane Hedley-Prole
    Jane Hedley-Prole
  • Photo Jeannette K. Ringold
    Jeannette K. Ringold
  • Photo Jelica Novaković-Lopušina
    Jelica Novaković-Lopušina
  • Photo Jonathan Reeder
    Jonathan Reeder
  • Photo Judit Gera
    Judit Gera
  • Photo Judith Wilkinson
    Judith Wilkinson
  • Photo Julia Telezekho
    Julia Telezhko
  • Photo Julio Grande
    Julio Grande
  • Katjusa Rucigaj
  • Photo Kerti Tergem
    Kerti Tergem
  • Photo Kim Andringa
    Kim Andringa
  • Kristen Gehrman
    Kristen Gehrman
  • Photo Kristina Kreuzer
    Kristina Kreuzer
  • Photo Krisztina Noémi Törő
    Krisztina Noémi Törő
  • Laura Pignatti
  • Photo Laura Vroomen
    Laura Vroomen
  • Photo Laura Watkinson
    Laura Watkinson
  • Laurent Bayer
  • Lenka Řehovà
  • Photo Leonor Raven
    Leonor Raven
  • Lisa Mensing
    Lisa Mensing
  • Photo Lise Bøgh-Sørensen
    Lise Bøgh-Sørensen
  • Photo Liz Waters
    Liz Waters
  • Ludo Leroy
  • Photo Maja Weikert
    Maja Weikert
  • Photo Malgorzata Diederen Woźniak
    Malgorzata Diederen Woźniak
  • Photo Malou Van Wijk
    Malou Van Wijk
  • Photo Margarita Bonatsou
    Margarita Bonatsou
  • Photo Maria Andersson
    Maria Andersson
  • Maria Cristina Coldagelli
  • Photo Maria Encheva
    Maria Encheva
  • Photo Maria Rosich Andreu
    Maria Rosich Andreu
  • Marianne Holberg
  • Photo Marie Hooghe
    Marie Hooghe
  • Photo Mariona Vilalta
    Mariona Vilalta
  • Photo Marlene Müller-Haas
    Marlene Müller-Haas
  • Photo Marta Arguilé Bernal
    Marta Arguilé Bernal
  • Photo Mateja Seliškar Kenda
    Mateja Seliškar Kenda
  • Photo Meike Blatnik
    Meike Blatnik
  • Photo Micaela van Muylem
    Micaela van Muylem
  • Photo Michele Hutchison
    Michele Hutchison
  • Photo Micheline Goche
    Micheline Goche
  • Photo Mihoko Toya
    Mihoko Toyo
  • Miklós Fenyves
  • Photo Mireille Cohendy
    Mireille Cohendy
  • Photo Miriam Kathrine Valentin Boolsen
    Miriam Boolsen
  • Moshe Gilula
  • Mustafa Özen
    Mustafa Özen
  • Naja Møllmann-Ibsen
  • Photo Nancy Forest-Flier
    Nancy Forest-Flier
  • Natalia Karpenko
  • Nevena Kukoljac
  • Nina Malinovsky
  • Noëlle Michel
  • Oksana Smerek
  • Olga Grishina
  • Photo Olga Niziołek
    Olga Niziołek
  • Photo Olivera Petrović van der Leeuw
    Olivera Petrović van der Leeuw
  • Photo Olov Hyllienmark
    Olov Hyllienmark
  • Photo P.C. Evans
    P.C. Evans
  • Photo Paul Vincent
    Paul Vincent
  • Pavla van Dam Marková
  • Photo Per Holmer
    Per Holmer
  • Petra Schürová
  • Photo Philippe Noble
    Philippe Noble
  • R.D. Rijpkema
  • Rachèle Liberman
  • Radka Smejkalova
    Radka Smejkalova
  • Radovan Lučić
  • Photo Rainer Kersten
    Rainer Kersten
  • Rob Naborn
  • Photo Rolf Erdorf
    Rolf Erdorf
  • Photo Romana Perecinec
    Romana Perecinec
  • Photo Ronald Brouwer
    Ronald Brouwer
  • Photo Rosalind Buck
    Rosalind Buck
  • Ruben Chapp
  • Ruth Löbner
  • Photo Saki Nagayama
    Saki Nagayama
  • Photo Sanna van Leeuwen
    Sanna van Leeuwen
  • Photo Scott Rollins
    Scott Rollins
  • Photo Sherry Macdonald
    Sherry Macdonald
  • Sonja Fiedler-Tresp
  • Stana Anželj
  • Photo Staša Pavlović
    Staša Pavlović
  • Stefan Wieczorek
  • Stefano Musilli
    Stefano Musilli
  • Photo Susana Canhoto
    Susana Canhoto
  • Photo Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
    Suzanne Heukensfeldt Jansen
  • Thea Summerfield
  • Tibor Bérczes
  • Uwe Dethier
  • Photo Verena Kiefer
    Verena Kiefer
  • Photo Veronika ter Harmsel
    Veronika ter Harmsel
  • Photo Vivien D. Glass
    Vivien D. Glass
  • Photo Waltraud Hüsmert
    Waltraud Hüsmert
  • Photo Willem Groenewegen
    Willem Groenewegen
  • Photo Yannis Ioannidis
    Yannis Ioannidis
  • Yumi Nishimura
  • Photo Yvonne Pétrequin
    Yvonne Pétrequin
  • Photo Zandra Bezuidenhout (c) Engela Duvenage
    Zandra Bezuidenhout