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Travel books

Travel has always been at the core of nonfiction in Flanders. Whether authors do research overseas or in neighbouring countries, even travel through the home country to find an answer to their questions, they always open up wide vistas on the history of the visited places. A selection.

  • Cover On the Wings of the Dragon
    Cover On the Wings of the Dragon
    On The Wings of the Dragon
    Much is currently being written about the Chinese exploitation of Africa, but who is writing about the price China pays? The answer: Lieve Joris, and brilliantly, too.
    NRC Handelsblad

    What happens when people meet who do not share a colonial past? With that question in mind, Lieve Joris leaves Africa for China. In keeping with the modus operandi she has refined over past decades, she immerses herself in the world of Africans and Chinese who venture into each other’s territory in the slipstream of the big trade contracts.

  • Cover Grand Central Belge
    Cover Grand Central Belge
    Grand Central Belge
    Verbeken brings back to life the era of the great expectations
    De Volkskrant

    Pascal Verbeken registers the small and the large signs of the times. He listens to a multicoloured collection of Belgians and their unique, sometimes tragic stories. ‘Grand Central Belge’ is a requiem for a divided country that does not succeed in chasing its old demons away.

  • Cover The Naked Peartree
    Cover The Naked Peartree
    The Naked Peartree
    This book lifts Rotthier into the upper echelons of our authors.

    Rotthier visits every place in which Spinoza lived and examines the impact on the present-day Netherlands of his vision of a rational society.