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Drama for children and young adults

In recent years Flanders has seen an excellent harvest of children’s and YA theatrical texts. Discover our selection here. More titles to be added soon, keep an eye on this page!

  • Cover Waiting and Other Exploits
    Cover Waiting and Other Exploits
    Waiting and Other Heroic Acts
    An aesthetic ‘Waiting for Godot’ for children.

    Four guards are standing in front of a high wall. They are waiting and keeping watch, without knowing why or for how long. Behind the wall is a state secret and everything is suspect, everyone a potential enemy of the state. But everything changes when one of them suddenly disappears and disrupts their unshakable rhythm.

  • Photo Us/Them © Bronks
    Photo Us/Them © Bronks
    A remarkable piece of theatre – playful, surprisingly and painfully funny as well as moving
    The Guardian

    1 September 2004. Chechen rebels force their way into a Russian school and hold more than a thousand pupils, teachers and parents hostage inside the gymnasium. Three days later the siege comes to a horrendous conclusion. Two surviving school children try to describe the siege in as much detail as possible to get to grips with the terrible events. But before long, their imagination takes over.