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Young Women Poets

A very nice trend in contemporary poetry in Flanders is that more and more feminine poets come to the fore. Due to the quality of their work and the fact that they know how to perform their texts on stage they are also very successful. Here we present a selection of these feminine voices.

  • Cover Chameleon
    Cover Chameleon
    A surprisingly strong debut

    Charlotte Van den Broeck won her poetical spurs in a similar way to Maud Vanhauwaert, namely onstage. The accompanying familiarity of her name provided her debut ‘Chameleon’ with the necessary impetus. ‘Chameleon’ would appear to be the perfect title for a debut volume of poetry.

  • Cover There Is a Tall Sky Above Us
    Cover There Is a Tall Sky Above Us
    There Is a Tall Sky Above Us
    This is an extremely accurate and haunting collection of poems.
    Jury Report Herman de Coninck Prize

    In the poems of Moors’ debut collection ‘There is a tall sky above us’, a rather peculiar ‘I’ communicates ongoing amazement about a rather peculiar world. Undoubtedly the strong compositional aspect and the equally strong, provocative nature of her work are partly why these poems have already been deemed classics of the twenty-first century and Moors one of the rising stars of Flemish poetry.

  • Cover The Best of Delphine Lecompte
    Cover The Best of Delphine Lecompte
    The Best of Delphine Lecompte
    Her universe is peopled by characters and situations which brutally burst into your imagination and remain there to haunt your dreams when you are wide awake.
    Jury Report VSB Poetry Prize

    Delphine Lecompte’s poetry creates an extraordinary universe, peopled with characters of highly diverse plumage. The poems are self and family portraits, which, like mirrors at a funfair, magnify the poet’s world into mythological dimensions and associations and reduce it to personal dramas. Full of unusual trains of thought, they seem most like lucid ravings.

  • Cover We Are Parallel
    Cover We Are Parallel
    We Are Parallel
    Her wonder on existence becomes the wonder of the reader
    Jury Report VSB Poetry Prize

    Maud Vanhauwaert already had won her spurs on the stage before notably debuting as a poet with her collection ‘Ik ben mogelijk’ (I am possible). ‘Wij zijn evenwijdig’ is a complex collection that at a closer look gets more and more coherent, using rhetorical strategies that easily seduce the reader. Reader and poet, walking parallel, touch each other in infiniteness.