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Spring 2020

Throughout the year, we regularly present you with a new selection of the best books from Flanders. Here's our selection for this spring. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about these books and authors. We'd love to help you.

  • Cover 'Onder de wol'
    Cover 'Onder de wol'
    Seven Little Penguins
    A wonderful little book to read at bedtime

    It’s bedtime for seven young penguins, but they don’t fancy going to sleep at all. They want to play in the snow. When a red thread twirls past, their curiosity is piqued. A playful, accessible book to read at bedtime to adventurous and curious minds. Wide-awake toddlers everywhere will recognize themselves in this book!  

  • Cover 'Elke dag iemand anders'
    Cover 'Elke dag iemand anders'
    Someone Else Every Day
    A scintillating ode to an unbridled imagination, with exceptionally dynamic pictures
    De Morgen

    Juno is someone else every day: a conductor, a deep-sea diver, a racing driver, a teacher. Her imagination knows no bounds. But then a large beast creeps into Juno’s imagination, over which she soon loses control. With a stripped-down, minimal text and exuberant illustrations, ‘Someone Else Every Day’ is a playful ode to the imagination, while not denying that it can have a downside too.

  • Cover 'Spionage'
    Cover 'Spionage'
    A masterful first book ****
    Cutting Edge about 'Aldo' by Yannick Pelegrin

    This nonfiction book plunges us into the intriguing world of secret agents around the globe. From an overview of famous spies and fancy gadgets to tips to kickstart your own career as a spy. The imaginative and atmospheric illustrations complement the text and make 'Espionage' a gorgeous book for readers of all ages.

  • Cover How Green does a Guitar Sound?
    Cover How Green does a Guitar Sound?
    How Green does a Guitar Sound?
    Bergé manages to touch upon a surprising number of topics, and always in a playful manner.
    Het Parool

    The hundred short chapters tell you all there is to know about classical music – about musical genres, famous composers and exceptional pieces of music, some more famous than others. Each chapter consists of a history section and listening tips, all in support of the main aim: to encourage the reader to go and listen to all this beautiful music.

  • Cover of Shut That Door!
    Cover of Shut That Door!

    Two dogs are sitting quietly in Brasserie Bulldog. Bad weather is forecast and it’s not long before the wind starts to cause chaos in their corner of the brasserie. For goodness sake, who left that door open? With his own unique collage style, Koen Van Biesen presents a lively new story full of details that catch the eye only after several readings. 

  • Cover of The Fantastic Flying Competition
    Cover of The Fantastic Flying Competition
    The Fantastic Flying Competition
    You will never tire of looking at these drawings
    NRC Handelsblad

    Ten teams line up at the start of the Flying Competition for Birds. They’re all bursting to win, except that Team Owl has overslept yet again. In thirteen large, detailed landscapes illustrator Sebastiaan Van Doninck takes the reader along for a thrilling contest full of humorous details. In the bright watercolours we discover the real story of the race.


  • Cover of Little Story with a Heart
    Cover of Little Story with a Heart
    Little Story with a Heart
    Daring perspective, poignant and intimate story

    This is an unassuming and tender tale that gives a voice to birth mothers, who are rarely heard. The book is strikingly minimalist, with just a little text and a small illustration on each page. A book about the powerful bond between parent and child, about taking your distance, and about unconditional love.

  • Cover 'Daan Quichot'
    Cover 'Daan Quichot'
    Daan Quichot
    Pure emotion evoked by a succession of drawings. A gem
    Veto Stript

    In this terrific adventure chockful of exuberant fantasy and fun ideas, Daan and his ginger cat Panza are gathering the ingredients for that evening’s spaghetti. Stedho proves that this graphic novel doesn’t need words to tell its story. Daan, Panza and granddad Pier promptly conquer a place in the hearts of readers, be they children or adults.

  • The Immaculate
    A masterpiece

    Marcel returns to his grandmother Andrea’s house, hoping to uncover the secrets of the past. He wants to know why he was named after his grand uncle Marcel, Andrea’s brother, who died on the Eastern Front. 

  • Cover 'We, the Foam'
    Cover 'We, the Foam'
    We, the Foam
    As if Mark Oliver Everett of Eels tried his hand at writing fiction.
    Cutting Edge

    In eleven short stories, Van Thuyne introduces the reader to her highly authentic and eccentric universe. She creates a universe peopled by characters who are slowly losing their grip on reality. Her vivid and filmic stories are exercises in controlled madness. ‘We, the Foam’ is highly unconventional and truly remarkable.

  • Cover - The Raccoon
    Cover - The Raccoon
    The Raccoon
    Ingenious and absolutely unpredictable

    ‘The Raccoon’ is both hilarious and moving. With prose drenched in the vernacular and flirting with the techniques of oral narrative, Skorobogatov shows himself to be an heir of the Russian story-telling tradition of Gogol. With this book, he delivers an ode to the little man, or the raccoon, in each of us.

  • Cover - Volt
    Cover - Volt
    Six’s descriptions are peerless: he depicts powerful scenes with clinical precision, much like a miniaturist or a film director. ****
    De Standaard

    After a worldwide fire and the collapse of neoliberalism, the financial elite has withdrawn to a tropical island. There they continue their affluent lives while the soil shrivels up beneath the unforgiving sun and the indigenous population is oppressed, terrorised and massacred. ‘Volt’ is dystopian and reverberates with echoes from classics such as George Orwell’s ‘1984’, Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ and Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

  • Gloria
    A slender, but major novel. *****
    De Standaard

    Koen Sels has been struggling with depression and feelings of worthlessness for many years. Can the arrival of ‘leading lady’, his baby daughter Gloria, break the negative spiral of his thoughts?

  • Cover - The beauty we share
    Cover - The beauty we share
    He, She, and the Inevitable Us
    Challenging and haunting. Ait Hamou is emerging as an important voice of his generation.
    De Standaard

    Without realising it, the young Belgian-Moroccan Soumia became an accomplice in a terrorist attack and was given a prison sentence. Tough old Fleming Luc lost his wife Maria in the attack. He is unable to let go of the past and rails at ‘those bloody foreigners’ to anyone prepared to listen. Ish Ait Hamou goes in search of what binds us together, our longing for forgiveness and acceptance and our ability to understand each other in an increasingly polarised society. 

  • Cover 'De kunst van het ongelukkig zijn'
    Cover 'De kunst van het ongelukkig zijn'
    The Art of Being Unhappy
    Convincing and inspiring
    Psychologie Magazine

    Today’s society is all about more, better, further – about an obsessive individual pursuit of happiness and a stringing together of Instagram-worthy experiences. Dirk De Wachter appeals for more honest dealings with life’s ups and downs, for more real contact and sincere solidarity. This book invites us to think about what happiness can really mean.

  • Cover 'A Tailor in Auschwitz'
    Cover 'A Tailor in Auschwitz'
    Ide Leib Kartuz, a Tailor in Auschwitz
    These stories need to be told again and again. So that we may never forget.
    Het Nieuwsblad

    David Van Turnhout, along with Dirk Verhofstadt, follows the trail of his Jewish grandfather, Ide Leib Kartuz, who fled Poland in 1929 to escape rising anti-Semitism and violence. He settled in Antwerp, only to be arrested there and sent to Auschwitz. There he managed to survive for 29 months because as a tailor, he was useful. This book tells his remarkable life story.

  • Cover 'Aantekeningen bij een moord'
    Cover 'Aantekeningen bij een moord'
    Notes on a Murder
    A rare combination of beauty and engagement
    David Van Reybrouck

    Peter Vermeersch is called up for jury service in a case of robbery with murder. He feels bombarded by questions of all kinds – not just matters of guilt or innocence, but questions that transcend this specific case. What do you do to someone when you punish them? Does it help? How does it feel to be the relative of a murder victim? Does a criminal trial help families to process the pain and anger?

  • Normality and Other Deviations
    As audacious as the title suggests. Verhaeghe provokes readers with intriguing philosophical ideas.

    What is normal and what is abnormal? And why are we so eager to make the distinction? Paul Verhaeghe reads Michel Foucault’s 'On Madness and Civilisation' in the light of the present day and tries to figure out where our fear of the abnormal and the irrational come from.

  • Cover 'Requiem pour L.'
    Cover 'Requiem pour L.'
    Requiem for L.
    This isn’t a book, it’s a roller coaster.

    L. – woman, mother, girlfriend and rebel – is terminally ill and opts for euthanasia. She gives theatre director Alain Platel permission to be present at her death and to film it. He intends to use the images on stage in a reconstruction of Mozart’s Requiem. It will become the most intense theatrical event of his career

  • Cover The Unexpected Answer
    Cover The Unexpected Answer
    The Unexpected Answer
    Full of colour, sounds, clear water, and pure poison
    De Standaard

    ‘The Unexpected Answer’ is a sultry book, full of insatiable passion that explodes in the penultimate chapter ‘The Love Letter’, an amalgam of letter fragments written by the collective of women circling Godfried H., and ultimately a single woman who appears in different guises.