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  • Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    Cover A Book To Make Friends With
    A Book To Make Friends With
    An overwhelming debut and a mind-expanding book *****
    De Standaard

    A psychedelic road trip full of chases, fights, religious hallucinations and freaked-out characters and dialogues. Author Lukas Verstraete really pulls out all the stops with graphic fireworks.

  • Cover Weegee
    Cover Weegee
    Sublime, sketch-like artwork by Mannaert, with sharp dialogue

    The American Weegee’s street photographs made him world famous. Wauter Mannaert and Max de Radiguès turn the photographer into a man of flesh and blood and make you identify with him, so his rather tragic fate hits all the harder.

  • Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    Cover About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    About God’s Brother and Other Fine Meats
    A veritable delight of a book
    Forbidden Planet

    When widower Anton breathes his last breath and goes looking for his wife Betty in the ‘thereafter’, nothing is quite as he expected. Jan Truyens’ debut is nothing less than an art project: an enormously rich book, with nods in the direction of the ‘Divina Commedia’.

  • Cover - Daubigny’s Garden
    Cover - Daubigny’s Garden
    Daubigny’s Garden
    A poetic comic book that fully spotlights Cromheecke’s drawing talent

    Luc Cromheecke and Bruno De Roover depict brief scenes from the life of the cheerful bon vivant Daubigny, based on the letters he wrote to his wife or friends on his travels. The result is a wonderfully relaxing book that paints a beautiful picture of the artist as a human being.

  • Cover Hubert
    Cover Hubert
    Gijsemans can shout if he wants to, but he's more than happy to whisper.
    The Herland Scotland

    Gijsemans’ drawings, washed out but somehow lush, too, are tender and telling, from the doleful curve of Hubert’s back to the workaday treads of the stairs in his apartment building. In this gentle account, Hubert is neither noble aesthete nor creepy loner, simply a man who likes pottering around looking at art.

  • Cover - Mad With Joy
    Cover - Mad With Joy
    Mad With Joy
    The best comic of 2014 ****
    De Standaard

    In a loose, fluid and sketch-like style, Joris Vermassen draws a story based around important themes: saying goodbye, things coming to an end, disappointment and grief. And yet ‘Mad with Joy’, like the statue of the same name, is an ode to life.

  • Cover - White Cube
    Cover - White Cube
    White Cube
    Stunning debut of a major new talent

    Vandenbroucke’s distinctive work blends the highbrow with the low, drawing equally from Gordon Matta-Clark’s site-specific artwork and the Three Stooges’ slapstick timing. With a knowing wink at the reader, Vandenbroucke continuously uncovers something to laugh about in the stuffiness and pretentiousness of the art world.

  • Cover - The Making of
    Cover - The Making of
    The Making of
    Evens’ washes of color are brilliant.
    Publishers Weekly

    ‘The Making Of’ is a work of art, an absolute gem from start to finish. Evens captures emotions, both large and small, along with funny little human traits and tics. His story feels very familiar, with all of its absurdity. There’s not one single page that will leave you indifferent.